11/20/11: Program online

07/27/11: Workshop extended
to "Joint workshop on complex networks and pervasive group communication"

05/10/11: Website online

Group communications have passed from research to deployment and back to a research issue. Newly deployed services, in particular IPTV, P2P content distribution, and collaborative applications, are stimulating current research on multicast, broadcast, concast, and anycast. Emerging design issues for a future multi-service Internet combined with the dynamic development of wireless access techonologies challenge the community to rethink the position of group communications along the stack.

The PerGroup workshop invites the community to share efforts in search of seamless, pervasive group services, and to discuss directions on a human-centric multi-service Inter-networking architecture. We welcome contributions that design new solutions or analyze existing deployments, but also those that present striking problem statements or early conceptual work.

You will find detailed information about the very successful last year's PerGroup at

Important Dates

Full paper: July 7, 2011
Notification: August 15, 2011
Final version: August 31, 2011